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TLV048 - Fair Ohs - Pacific Rim: Early Recordings

by Fair Ohs


Side A
1. I'm a Woman, I'm Your Wife
2. Copain Copine
3. Now I Love You
4. Hospitals
5. Get Sun
Side B
6. Obstacles
7. I'm Following You
8. My Spit

More people have heard about Fair Ohs' early days as a hardcore band with garage punk tendencies than have actually heard the songs from that era. Six of these tracks were released in a limited run of 50 copies with handmade felt covers on Suplex Cassettes, selling quickly and remaining in the hands and tape players of the few rather than the many. Soon after this debut analogue excursion, Fair Ohs started morphing into the band they are today, with a more esoteric set of influences, yet still retaining the punk energy and positivity that drove their early songs and shows.

This piece of vinyl holds all the tracks from the first one-take-to-tape recording sessions with Rory Attwell at Pacific Rim Studios that were on the debut tape, plus two that were due to be released on a split 7" that never saw the light of day. Completing the line-up are 2 songs - 'Copain Copine' and 'Now I Love You' - that came from the same session as current set staples 'Almost island' and 'Summer Lake', showing that transition phase that remains a constant feature of Fair Ohs, rather than just a one off.

On September 26th, Tough Love will release a 7" of these recordings, featuring artwork from Male Bonding's Robin Silas.