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TLV054: CYMBALS - Sideways, Sometimes - CD



On 23rd April, CYMBALS will release their new record, Sideways, Sometimes, through Tough Love. Written, recorded and produced over five days on Lightship 95, a boat moored in the Thames, the EP has a cleaner, more coherent feel than last year's debut album, Unlearn.

Continuing the theme for somewhat special artwork, the band enlisted Robin Hulme, a fabric designer for Liberty, to create a one-off design that will grace the cover of the record.

Orders will be shipped at the latest a week ahead of release.

1. Untitled #1
2. No Bad Decisions
3. It Makes Me Seriously
4. Candy Bar
5. Untitled #2
6. The Norms
7. Intense Kids
8. Untitled #3