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TLV088: Weird Dreams - Luxury Alone - LP - sky blue vinyl

by Weird Dreams

£9.99 / On Sale

TLV088: Weird Dreams - Luxury Alone
Limited edition sky blue vinyl - 100 copies via the Tough Love site. Comes with free download code.
Released June 10th 2017.

Side A
1. Binary
2. Heaven's Hounds
3. The Ladder
4. Neon Erotic
5. Mirror
6. Fantasy Building - part I
Side B
7. Fantasy Building - part II
8. Digital Water
9. Chalk Scrawls
10. Calm
11. Days

Luxury Alone, is a collection of ten songs made over a four year period of uncertain times in different rooms in various homes. It was written, produced, performed and mixed by Doran Edwards.