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TLV100DINA2A - Blondie - limited edition A2 poster print


A2 Poster Print
50 copies
Design by Matthew Walkerdine as part of the Private Index project

About Private Index:

To mark the hundredth release on Tough Love, we decided to ‘gift’ the TLV100 catalogue number to Glaswegian-based designer and Good Press gallery owner, Matthew Walkerdine. Given the one hundred releases span a 12 year period, the only consistent thread has been the interests of the person who runs the label, for better or worse. To reflect this, Walkerdine took the title Private Index as a banner under which a series of multi-format items could exist - print, sound, textile and type - each with their own unique catalogue number. Like a conventional index, the concept is for Private Index to somehow function as sign or measure of the label. We’ll let you decide just how they do that. The six items listed below are just the first six items in the series - the intention is to keep adding to the project over time.